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Our Approach

Our company, in the simplest terms

Many claim to offer personalized service to their clients, but at SMG this is the only way we know how.

From the very beginning you will meet with Shane to explore your vision and discuss a path that makes sense for your next steps.

He will be part of your journey to ensure you have the resources to make the best out of every opportunity presented.

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we can help you excell in every facet of Modeling

Intro To Modeling

Learn the basics of the modeling industry with an experienced professional with 20+ years in the industry. 


Walk The Runway

There is nothing more perfect than the runway walk. The focused gaze and each step full of purpose is stunning.



We have relationships with professional photographers to ensure quality work without the headache or high prices.


Pageant Coaching

Train privately with one of the top Pageant professionals in the industry. Every session is one-on-one to bring out the perfect you.